Why we need reflective vests?

Because reflective vests are made of reflective (fluorescent) materials.Reflective vest in a variety of light conditions can play a warning and safety role of clothing.It usually consists of a brightly colored substrate (fluorescent) material and a reflective material (retro-reflective material).Reflective materials are made of glass or prismatic materials, so that the incident light is directed back along the original way.The reflective garment that makes with vitreous bead, reflective vest label is acted the role of, after adding fluorescent ground color, “compare the reflective garment that does not have [add] reflective material to glance reflective vest to glance smock is below lamplight marked hundreds of times”.The effect of fluorescence and reflection is more intense, making the wearer form a strong contrast with the surrounding environment no matter in the day or night, under the irradiation of the light.It is found by the driver within a visual distance of 800m, so as to play a role of safety protection.

Reflective materials are widely used in construction, traffic police, traffic coordinators, sanitation workers, logistics personnel, volunteers, highway and railway duty personnel, road construction personnel professional safety work clothes, played a very good protective role.The number of people killed in overnight car accidents in the United States has dropped by 40 percent in the past decade, thanks to the popularity and increasing use of reflective materials.All sorts of regulations in euramerican country or in publicizing emphasize to use glance material, if be in the environment that the line of sight such as rain, mist, snow, night discerns ability to fall, old person, children goes out, must wear or the mark that has to have glance material or dress.

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