Traffic police donate safety yellow hats and reflective safety vests to students

On December 1, in order to raise public awareness of traffic safety, awareness of the rule of law, awareness of the rule, awareness of civilization, the traffic police brigade of Salt Lake Traffic Police Force will follow the principle of “respecting the law and observing the rules and regulations and establishing a safe and civilized travel program” as its theme and will be closely linked with the education sector and the social car Sales enterprises and social organizations jointly build a “Traffic Safety Coalition” to support and encourage enterprises with social responsibility to give safety primary yellow hats and reflective safety vests to primary and secondary school students in their respective jurisdictions.

On the morning of December 1, the brigade united with the education department and Novoland Group Orchid Community Enterprise went deep into Jurisdiction over Jiefang Road to present 150 sets of small yellow caps and reflective vests printed with “cherishing life and complying with traffic regulations”. The same day, the area three squadron police returned to students with “122” thematic wall charts and atlas, to enhance students’ awareness of law-abiding and safe travel and self-protection.

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