Why we need reflective vests?

Because reflective vests are made of reflective (fluorescent) materials.Reflective vest in a variety of light conditions can play a warning and safety role of clothing.It usually consists of a brightly colored substrate (fluorescent) material and a reflective material (retro-reflective material).Reflective materials are made of glass or prismatic materials, so that the incident light is directed back along the original way.The reflective garment that makes with vitreous bead, reflective vest label is acted the role of, after adding fluorescent ground [...]

Traffic police donate safety yellow hats and reflective safety vests to students

On December 1, in order to raise public awareness of traffic safety, awareness of the rule of law, awareness of the rule, awareness of civilization, the traffic police brigade of Salt Lake Traffic Police Force will follow the principle of “respecting the law and observing the rules and regulations and establishing a safe and civilized travel program” as its theme and will be closely linked with the education sector and the social car Sales enterprises and social organizations jointly [...]

ANSI / ISEA 107-2015 Class 2 Reflective Safety Vests Construction Research 1

ANSI / ISEA 107-2015 Class 2 reflective safety vests construction research 1 Reflective safety vests mainly composed of fabric and reflective tape. Fabrics and reflective strips have requested minimum area, the area in which the fabric minimum size requirements are lower than other sizes. Main Fabrics are 120g tricot (Twill not commonly used now) and 105-125g mesh which have the latest certificate. Reflective reflective tape focus mainly on nylon background(for example chinastars csr 1303-2, or daoming brand), a little higher quality requirements will [...]

Safety Vest Suppliers In China

As reflective safety vests supplier in China, we are very familiar with hi vis standards in EU, USA and Australia, they are similar, but somewhat different, for example, mesh in Europe is difficult to meet the standards, the back of Canadian style vest is crossed, Australia is dovetail, of course, there are exceptions. The Australia has wet test. In fact, we are  more familiar with domestic suppliers of safety vests, many of our partners, we are remarkable in the professional production [...]

Reflective Safety Vests Shipped, The Warehouse Looks More Broadly

Also just shipment of a HQ of reflective safety vests, our warehouse looks more broadly, instant, refreshing. Our desire is delivery of HQ’s products every day, every guest place order every month, every guest is selling well. Continuous high temperature, our workers have to pay attention to the health, but also to ensure quality, especially as reflective tape 3M8906 easily stained with sweat, we must be very careful on production.

Quality Control Of Reflective Safety Vests

How to better control the quality of reflective vests, because it is a fast selling products, the production cycle is very short, too many guests turn one, we need to firmly control the quality, we conduct research in the production line, for improvement a more simple and efficient way for the elimination of the problem in the bud stage of Mongolia, and other effects out now, and we are willing to share this to everyone, hope every safety vest [...]

The Strategy Of Reflective Safety Vests Factory

The strategy of Reflective safety vests factory As one of the remarkable safety vest manufacturers, we are expanding our own factories as these: because we have experience in large factory, there are many lessons, now advocated doing some small factories, the number of factories in accordance with the market slowly expanding, control risk , because of the financial crisis, reflective safety vests as a kind of  policy economic, there may be the risk of the emergence of the cliff, so [...]

Inspection Of High Visibility Polo Shirts

Today, a guest come to our factory for inspection from Dongguan, they are a very veteran of high visibility clothing suppliers, we have a lot of cooperation in the field of reflective clothing, particular safety vest and high visibility polo shirts, Today’s inspection is reflective poso shirts, there are a variety of styles, all is sold in North America, the kinds of short-sleeve meet ANSI/ISEA 107 class 2, the kinds of long-sleeve meet ANSI/ISEA 107 class 3, the inspection [...]

Our Own Reflective Apparel Factories Have A Holiday

Dragon Boat Festival holiday, our own reflective apparel factories have a holiday, this is an important festival, eating dumplings, spilled wine on them, insert moxa, very strong cultural atmosphere, there are a lot of people want to travel, we will go to the famous local museums, if we can put on our own high visiblity polo shirt, it would be wonderful, UPF50 +. I wish everyone a happy holiday.

Japanese-style Reflective Vests, Rarely In Sight

Over a decade ago, we often produced Japanese-style reflective safety vests, but now, it  is rarely in sight. Today, suddenly saw a sample before leaving, also special bags, there is a hook. Because each country has its own security clothing standards, Japan and other countries, especially different, now we mainly manufacture Australia and New Zealand, Europe and America high visibility clothing. Reflective vest of Japan like this article, not with reflective strips, using PVC lattice belt, the material cost is higher, [...]